Monday, May 2, 2011

The writer, not even a story.

To write a good page you need at least a friend and a naked woman, lot of lies and lot of booze. You have to walk through fire with minor burnings, or jump from a cliff without breaking your legs; find a rose and don’t take it; being able to feel the breeze in the hottest desert and the warm of a summer night even in the mid of a Midwest winter. If you’re a writer you can, probably is the only thing you really can. You see through things, that’s what writers do. You have eyes capable of seeing through time and people and you’re able to let it go. All you really need is a dirty room at the end of the world with a “do not disturb” sign in red letters hanging in front of the door. You have to write and then forget what you wrote, forget even yourself, and then you’ll start to remember.

© Sergio Caldarella, 2011