Monday, April 11, 2011

Life will tell

Life cannot be mean by itself; it is like a blank slate, depending on what we write on it. Depends on what side we let win, prophets calls it the battle between good and evil, philosophers use instead to call it the battle between the noble and the ignoble. We see the battle, but we can't understand the reason, probably because it is not our task to understand it right now. Life contains the answer, life itself will tell...

For Nietzsche the essence of human life is in justice in a very Heraclitean sense: the forging of time capable of giving the real measure of all things. Giving the proper time, what is small will be seen in his own size and vice versa, time is the horizon that gives the proper weigh. Our contemporary society has instead a dangerously insane fascination for what is futile and stupid (just turn on any TV in any part of the world and you can see what they talk about: all that is futile and has no meaning but to sell you something from a dietary product to cheap religious interpretation and manufactured news). Unfortunately for the dons of the contemporary society we are all humans and therefore all mortals, and in spite of all this apparatus they created to manipulate and control others for their benefit, there will be a time when all questions will find their proper answer, there will be a time, even for the one who believes himself powerful and at the center of the world, where he will have to answer that last question and there, even the wicked and powerful populist, will have to succumb to the truth of life. At that moment no propaganda helps anymore, no makeup protects, no nice smile will hide greed and cruelty. Most people run all their life just to escape the real question and few others just spend all of life waiting for that question. All the rest is diversion. Those who understand that life is more than just “things” are also open to the power of feelings and beauty; the others will never get that.