Thursday, October 28, 2010


Fools are those who believe that there is a reason in the game, just because we’re forced to follow his rules. We might ask, what’s the game? But we will never know, because we are trapped between the beginning and his end, just two points in an infinite landscape of possibilities. Strange cities I have seen, weird and amazing places, train stations at night and dirty yards, all different, but in a way all the same. Swimming on the surface is not catching the ball. Only a tiny line divides the wise from the drunkard as much as a tiny layer divides the mirror from the image it reflects. A panther jump in a forest and on the other side of the world a baby is born. Apparently two unconnected, unrelated events. But events in themselves have no meaning; it’s your bet on them that makes them relevant. An idea, a word, a person, they enter in your head when you can relate to them, if for some reason they have a meaning for you. Like cards on a blackjack table.

© Sergio Caldarella