Sunday, January 18, 2015

Jeff Bush is considering? Seriously?

If any of the Founding Fathers would be teleported with some imaginary time machine into our age he would be horrified and stupefied by what he would see in contemporary America. Horrified because the nation he would experience nowadays it is not – if not the opposite – of what was in the intentions of the constituent assembly and stupefied because of the acquiescence of the American people to the return of the King and His Court. The Titles of Nobility Amendment to the United States Constitution (approved by the 11th Congress in 1810), was not an addition to the US Constitution to abolish nobility and have it substituted by family feuds, celebrities and Gramophone Awards! Our so-called economical and political “elites” (a dominant minority well capable of accumulating all the privileges they can for themselves) resembles more and more Eighteenth Century European reigning families like the House of Hanover, the House of Bourbon, the Habsburg, etc. than the ruling class of a democratic nation. In recent times the US already had a father (Bush sr.) and a son (Bush jr.) respectively 41st and 43rd Presidents of the United States and now even the other son, 43rd Governor of Florida, is considering to run for the White House? Under very different social and political situations the second and the sixth president of the United States, John Adams and John Quincy Adams, where in the same relationship of father and son, but in no dynasty of the past two consecutive sons went that far as to crown the second son as well – at least in Royal Families only one can inherit the throne! And that’s just for starters: Bill Clinton’s First Lady, Senator and former Secretary of State, even after her previous failure in the nomination, is still “trying to get the candidacy for the Democratic Party presidential primaries for the 2016 United States presidential election”. It is worth to observe – because in a videocracy images are important – that while Mme. Clinton took the oath of office as Secretary of State, her husband was holding her the Bible! (see picture) Such a mixture and confusion of roles of government, powers and other aspects of government probably was not even imaginable to the terrible Ferdinand II of Aragon, but was certainly possible for some Roman Emperors – as it is well known, the Emperor Caligula nominated Senator his favored horse. The absence of a real democratic control over contemporary power (political and economical) makes the current dominant minority feel safe to stage any kind of operetta knowing that nobody can or will do anything about it. Not even appearances matter anymore because they are well aware that «The American public will stand for what it has to stand for. What is told to stand for or what is educated to stand for» (From the movie: Revealing the JFK assassination).
          Hillary Clinton takes the oath of office as Secretary of State
administered by Associate Judge Kathryn Oberly,
as Bill Clinton holds the Bible.
Some people might even consider “romantic” that Hillary’s husband was holding the Bible during the ceremony, because there is a dangerous lack of understanding about the reasons why power should not be handled in arbitrary ways and all fights for freedom have always have been to take away power from arbitrary control. If someone in power can do whatever he/she wants – from small to big actions – well, that’s certainly not what the Founding Fathers had in mind but, if you listen to the notorious Nixon White House Tapes, it is certainly what the impeached President, and his fellows, had in mind.

In light of the recent history of the US, from the last century until now, it has become blatantly clear, considering how Legislative, Executive and Judicial power are interwoven and smirking one to each others, how even the trias politica seems not to be capable to hold the corruptive capabilities of power and the malignant control of the squalid dominant minority over society. The US also had the son of the 43rd Governor of Michigan Governor and member of Nixon’s cabinet (Romney sr.), himself 70th Governor of Massachusetts, trying to become President during the last elections. It is appalling to see the amount of appointments that this dominant minority can accrue while there are plenty of talented individuals that are not in any position to positively contribute to the real development of this society.
A good question to ask would be: “why these people in power can do whatever they want to such an extent?” Because most Americans seems to be oblivious to what’s going on in the high floors of power? But how can someone be oblivious to the public facts that Bush father was President and Bush son was President? That Romney sr. was Governor and Romney jr. as well? Or that Hillary was first Lady, Senator and Secretary of State? This is not really plausible. This new “nobilities” do whatever they want, not because the American public doesn’t know, but because for those in power, especially economical power, it has become extremely easy to control public opinion through a long series of social manipulations and technical means. American citizens, when and if they are politically conscious, feel in a way that no real citizen should ever feel in a so called “democratic society”: even when they can see the problems of their country controlled and subdued by a small group whose only interest is to keep the maximum of their privileges alive, they feel impotent against the dominance of this incredibly tiny minority. Somehow a similar feeling of what the Europeans felt before the French Revolution, with the difference that in eighteenth-century the people where made aware and awake of their situation by the intellectuals of their time that were, in most cases, persecuted by those in power and not cuddled and rewarded like our contemporary academics.
This feeling of political impotence is not the sign of a free citizen, but the mark of those living under tyranny. But it’s a “happy tyranny” where people are not shot on the street – unless it’s a troublesome President like John F. Kennedy and his brother or a political activist disturbing the status quo like Martin Luther King. Ferdinand Lundenberg, a great American intellectual unjustly forgotten, at the end of the “glorious” Sixties wrote: «Most adult Americans in the quasi-affluent society of today (…) are nothing more than employees. For the most part they are precariously situated; nearly all of them are menials. In this particular respect Americans, though illusion-ridden, are like Russians under Communism, except that the Russians inhabit a less technologized society and have a single employer. There are, of course, other differences (such as the fact that Americans are allowed a longer civil leash), but not of social position» (F. Lundberg, The Rich and the Super-Rich. A Study in the Power of Money Today, 1968). Did anything improved since? Well, ask the new nobilities of America, things have certainly improved for them because there are no more disturbing presidents, political activists or intellectuals that can reach the general public and make the dominant minority more careful in their presumptuous show of power. The squalid minority has certainly managed something that not even the worse Roman Emperors could dream: submit people by making them believe to be free. Chapeau!