Saturday, August 1, 2015

Explanations of Society

All “rational explanations” of society assume, and it’s an extremely dangerous assumption, that a reasonable argument might have any effect or impact on our society and this is, at least so I believe, the underlying fallacy of every social explanation. Since the dawn of history, societies have never been ruled by positive reason or by reasonable argumentations, but either by violence or deceit in various forms and disguise. In all documented human history there has never been any different society than that, and all those very few or small attemps to build a different way of cohabitation among humans have been crashed directly or indirectly by violence and ideology. At a certain point we should recognize and accept that the problem is in the fundamental settings of organized societies as we know them, but that’s something that nor reason nor violence can change, only real knowledge could help. The catastrophe that we are building for our species is, probably, just a consequence of this destructive pattern that our species has taken when the first organized societies appeared, not longer than five or six thousand years ago, and this short span of time of a few thousand years, compared to the timeline of human evolution, is not even “a glimpse through an interstice caught”…

(Dr. Divago)