Sunday, September 19, 2010

Keep the child alive!

When you’re a child, adults seems to you like strange characters on a stage: one plays the teacher, one is the doctor, a baker or a truck driver, while someone decides to be on the sad side of life and another just paints a happy smile over his face. As a child you see through all of this from a privileged standpoint and you “know” by instinct that it’s just part of a big script where every one pick a role and go on acting, sometimes even for the rest of his life.
Growing up we tend to forget this feeling we later call “innocence”, the gift to see what is real and what is just a meaningless game. As a kid you don’t fully understand why adults decide to play this game, because being a child means to be always bigger than life. As a kid you know that roles are irrelevant and what matters is just who you really are. That’s why we have a society where everybody runs after appearances and fake prizes, just to forget the substance, just to forget that child that we once were. The key to a real life is not losing that innocence: keep the kid alive!